Ebbe Overbye, Copenhagen, Denmark

I graduated from The School of Arts, Craft and Design, Copenhagen, Denmark, Department of Graphic Design, 1989.

I did some work in the nineties, mainly layout of brochures and technical information. Then I took a long break from design.

2014 I started to draw again. Now, developing a more illustrative style I’m enjoying myself so much; I can’t imagine stopping again.

A course on pattern design in Illustrator by Von Glitscka at Lynda.com pointed me in the direction of Spoonflower. I realized that patterns weren’t just about geometry. Actually you could tell stories and illustrate to your heart’s delight creating patterns, and I think, I have become addicted.

This is above all a personal project. I enjoy creating and drawing. The purpose is to be better at it. Others can watch, but it is my own ambition to be better that gets me going.